Selling honey

Selling honey

Honey can be easily found anywhere, most of all in supermarkets, even though, for more special and quality related one, you will have to look for specialized stores. Often, it is getting more and more present, the selling of honey during festivals and fairs, where people put up a location selling homemade honey and honey based products. Bio honey is actually better in quality than industrial one. These honeys are generally more expensive because locally produced and most of all, controlled, but there is no doubt the quality is ten times better than the one bought at the grocery store.
Selling honey

Selling Out

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Industrial honey

Industrial honeyIndustrial honey has to have the n. 2001/110/CE stamp printed on the container, because it is a rule set by the International regulation system to show extraction methods and production in order to be clear and legal. There are several classifications depending on the area of origin and the extraction technique as well. The main concern is the working process which follows the extraction and which has to be controlled and basically perfect in order not to interfere with the final product. Industrial honey smell and taste is different from the one which is made locally and biologically, but it can be used for other preparations, such as in the kitchen and in the pastry field.

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    Bio honey

    Bio honey Biological honey is the one you will want to have to use it for your own health care. The way it is produced and the care it is used to produce it make it a very good natural product for our complete benefit. There will be no chemicals, no preservatives, no additives. Nothing which is related to industrial production will ever be found in real biological honey. It is good and it is healthy. It fits adults and children’s needs for the best. It is not filtered nor processed or worked on, it is hundred per cent natural honey. Selling this kind of honey is easy if you know who to ask permissions to when placed in fairs locations or festivals. People nowadays sell honey directly at their home place, in order to show the place of origin of the product, in case showing also the specificity of the hives and how they treat them.


    The cost of honey may vary. Industrial one is pretty affordable, while the biological one is a little more expensive. In particular, if you are looking for some specific honey, like those deriving from a very specific plant nectar or similar, it will be even more expensive because of its specificity.