Face lotion

Face lotion

It is always a good idea to pay attention to the products you use for your skin, most of all the one dedicated to the most sensitive parts of your body, like your face. There are a few characteristic of face lotions that you should consider before buying them and even before trying to make your own using herbal elements for homemade products. Face lotions should be applied on clearly washed skin in order to be effective and to avoid impurities to penetrate the skin. Facial cleanser should be chosen in relation to the facial lotions, so that they can supply additions to the lack of effects that they could have because of their components.
Face lotion

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Natural lotions

Natural lotions Natural lotions based of natural herbal extracts is always the best alternative most of all nowadays when chemicals and other preservatives and additives are used to make the lotions more attractive but sometimes less efficient or effective. Moreover, natural lotions are less probable to create irritations or bothers for sensitive skins and young children body parts.

    [AMOREPACIFIC] Daily Moisturizing Face to Toe Lotion for All Skin Type, Shea Butter Advanced Intensive Moisturizer Cream for Face and Body. (300 ml/10.14 fl.oz)

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    Wrinkles prevention

    Wrinkles preventionFace lotions are much used today for several reason, but one comes out more often when asked people why they use it. They would like to have a younger aspect and to hide the effect of the passing of the time, helping with those wrinkles which bother most of all women of all ages from post adolescence on. Anti-age lotions can also guarantee hydration, smoothness and firming effects depending on their composition and natural elements. Look for the active principles of specific herbs that can help with your purpose, without having to renounce to hydration. Anti-oxidants, for example, are part of the main ingredients for these kinds of lotions.


    As a general rule, you should always consider, not only the final effect you would like the lotion to have on your facial skin, but also the characteristic of your skin before using it. In fact, if you do have a very sensitive skin, you should not opt for irritating lotions. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, it is better to choose very hydrating lotions without making your skin too oily. Oily pores should be treated with simple lotions without having to get your skin too dry getting the opposite effect of over oiling. Mixed skin will have specific lotions dedicated to them. You can also find specific face lotions for each part of your face. Eye-care lotions are made usually in gel, while lips-balm are a different matter.