Calendula mother tincture

Calendula mother tincture

Calendula flowers are either yellow or orange and they are actually the containers of all the active principles which are used for herbal medicine. Calendula is used for several different products and preparations, both for internal and external usage, depending on the parts of your body that have to be treated.
Calendula mother tincture

Herbal Mother Tinctures: Essence and Use

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Calendula mother tincture usage Calendula mother tincture, when used as an internal aid, is extremely useful to treat those problems related with the menstrual cycle. It actually balance the cycle either in the case of low flow and in the case of excessive one. Moreover, it gets used also as immune defenses stimulating remedy. As an external remedy, it goes to work for inflammations or irritations, most of all for all those skin related problems. The positive side of this product is given to the fact that it is highly tolerated by every skin, so that it makes it useful for newborns’ skin diaper irritation. People often use it as a sun protection as well.

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    How to

    How to When utilized as internal remedy, you should pour thirty or forty drops of calendula mother tincture in a glass of water and drink it for a maximum of three times per day. As an external help, you can mix a solution of 20% in concentration to sterile water. This solution can be used to disinfect the umbilical cord of newborns. You will only need a cotton stick, let the cotton absorb the mother tincture and just rub the belly button area. Women who just gave birth, can use diluted mother tincture as feminine cleanser disinfecting the area without any side effect.

    Local usage

    As a general rule, mother tincture should not be used on the affected area, applying locally the alcoholic solution because it could cause more damages than benefits. Mother tinctures, even if coming from soothing based plants, always have to be diluted and applied on the damaged areas or, if used internally, drunk with water. This allows the evaporation of alcoholic particles, spreading the active principles in the water. It is always a good idea to ask for more information to your doctor or your herbal specialist in any case, in order to use it as it should without doing anything risky for your, or someone else’s, health.