Mother tincture posology

Mother tincture posology

Tinctures and mother tinctures are compositions that are produced thanks to a procedure which is called maceration. Mother tincture is a particular liquid that can be obtained through an extracting procedure using alcohol going to attack the plant or its single parts like flowers or leaves, obtaining a liquid full of active principles.
Mother tincture posology

Herbal Mother Tinctures: Essence and Use

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Posology Mother tincture posologyThe posology of mother tincture is related directly to the age of the patient. It is fundamental to know the age of the person who will assume this product in order to create the right dosage of mother tincture for the remedy requested. Young children should be treated with phytotherapic elements only when they start to go to school and their body is ready to be healed by these kinds of remedies. Usually the dosage is half the quantity which is generally distributed to adults. For young children it is always better to opt for infusions and herb teas.

    Mother Tincture Materia Medica

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    Time and quantity

    Mother tincture Mother tincture is usually prescribed to be taken diluted with water at least twice a day, morning and evening for at least thirty days because it takes a while for herbal medication to start working in our system. A few drops , generally counted between 20 and 40 drops, are enough for a regular dosage. Some herbal specialists suggest to use it leaving it get absorbed under your tongue, others simply tell you to drink a cup of water with a few drops melted in it.


    Mother tinctures assumed correctly and constantly are a very useful remedy when, for example, used for depuration or draining purposes. The effects of mother tinctures are easily recognizable, which is why you should consult with your doctor or your herbal specialists, before buying and deciding for yourself the dosage of the solution. Often, this solution is used for gargles and mouthwashes, and depending on the plants it derives from, it can be applied for several other purposes.


    Mother tinctures are undoubtedly a good alternative when you are looking for herbal medications. Since the presence of alcohol which is the most important ingredient of the solution, it is not always apt to anyone, in fact, it depends on alcohol tolerance of the patient if it is the proper or the wrong solution. It is easily procurable at your personal herbal specialist store and you can take it even when travelling.