Mother Tincture

Mother Tincture

The only flaw of the mother tincture is that it is not standardized or entitled and, for this reason, it contains levels of active principles that are relatively low. In the homeopathy field, the mother tincture gets used frequently in addition to other ingredients for the preparation of medications and natural products; being the base of the final product though, it guarantees its necessity to be taken in consideration as mere principle part of the product.
Mother Tincture

Herbal Mother Tinctures: Essence and Use

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The extraction operation to get the active principles from the herbal plant using alcohol, can be done both using the complete parts of the plant and the single portions like leaves, roots or flowers. Alcohol allows to get the active principle out of the plant and, at the same time, to preserve it. This is also the reason why more than mother tincture, they are today called hydro-alcoholic extracts.

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Boericke's New Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica With Repertory: Including Indian Drugs, Nosodes, Uncommon, Rare Remedies, Mother Tinctures, ... & List of Abbreviations, Augmented Edition

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When using the mother tincture you should dilute it in water or other liquids as suggested by the instructions or by your herbal specialist or doctor. Every mother tincture has specific characteristic, depending directly on the plant it comes from and it should respect the dosage or posology in relation also to the effect you are willing to have and the person who is about to assume it. Being the quantity of the active principle relatively low, it is almost improbable that you could over use a mother tincture generating problems to your system, but as for any other herbal remedy, trying not to abuse it is always the right way of acting.


As previously said, mother tincture should be used following the direction of specialists or doctors, but another aspect that has to be taken in consideration is related to the presence of alcohol. An example is made, thinking about those people who have problems with their liver. Mother tincture in their case, would not be the ideal remedy. It can be used, otherwise, for several different cases. Remember that to get the mother tincture, only fresh plants must be used, putting them under maceration process with a little water and much more alcohol. After a waiting period of at least 20 days, the preparation can be filtered and then put it to rest, away from light in a cool and dry place.