The orange tree can reach up to ten meters height and its leaves are typically long and pulpy. Its buds are considered evergreens and it never changes color to red as many other fruit trees do. It rests only three months during the year and this is why it has the ability to bloom and fructify at the same time. Originally from Asia, orange trees like lemon trees and other citruses, developed in the Mediterranean areas becoming part of the typical landscapes natural features.

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Orange Properties

There are many different varieties of orange trees and oranges are collected during the winter. The fruits contain several different vitamins, C and A in particular and they are essential for the good health of a human being. Oranges are also a good source of vitamins B, which are perfect for the immune system of those taking advantage of the oranges products. Bioflavonoids are also present in huge quantity acting as stimulating and reconstructing elements for skin and other body tissues. Oranges are good for bone strengthening, teeth and other body parts as well.

  • growing citrus The citrus plants nearly all belong to the genus Citrus, and are evergreen shrubs or small trees, originating in Asia. In general these plants are easy to grow, and grow slowly. They originate in area...

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Orange location

Orange location Orange trees, just like lemons and other citruses, have to be placed in locations where they can enjoy the sunlight without getting burned. They are strong trees that can resist low temperatures and they are not attacked by parasites easily, as long as they are kept under the ideal conditions without being affected by humidity and molds. Nowadays, people try to grow oranges on terraces and balcony exposing the plant to sunlight but growing them in huge vases. They will certainly survive with the correct care and attention, but their fructifying potential is widely reduced. Their ideal place, in facts, requests a large place where to develop their roots which will keep the plant strong and healthy.


Oranges can produce bitter oranges and sweet ones. Bitter oranges are mostly used in the alimentary and pharmaceutical field as well. In the other cases, they are used to produce jams, marmalades and candied fruit. The skin is generally used to create solutions and essences, since extracting elements from this part of the fruit can allow you to get healthy and useful principles. Oranges fruit are often used to create decoctions with the main purpose of getting a beneficial action for digestion and stomach aches and other pains.