Peppers comes originally from India, and it is directly linked to history and the way the global market has spread throughout the years making it become a world widely used spice in the culinary fields but not only there. In fact phytotherapy is also a field where pepper, in particular black pepper, is very useful. Nowadays, also other varieties of pepper, like green or white or pink, have taken place in our areas. It is a fruit that comes from creepers plants and the berries are collected and knead to be used in various fields. Once the plants start fructifying it can go on for up to fifty years. The main reasons that have promoted the diffusion on this spice are related to the capacity to involve the tongue receptors and the taste perception. Pepper in the past was used to hide the acid taste of food that could not be preserved in freezers that were, of course, not used yet.

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Pepper benefits

Pepper benefitsIn the past pepper was used in the medical field more than in the kitchen. Today the trend has changed but still there are products made with pepper berries, most of all in phytotherapy or alternative medicine. The typical spicy effect is due to a particular molecule which is present in the berry and which creates a reaction from the tongue receptors. Pepper is used to heal gastrointestinal diseases and inflammations or to soothe chronic pain. The substance which present in pepper helps the other elements of other foods to be absorbed by the organism, and this helps in the case of healing after low nutrition or malnutrition.

  • Pepper plants, hot peppers and sweet peppers are grown as annuals in Italy. You can sow hot and sweet pepper seeds directly, but for ordinary peppers you should prepare small plants in the nursery, al...

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Pepper cultivation

Pepper cultivationPepper is cultivated mostly in tropical environments, where it originally comes from. It grows wildly in China and being an evergreen, it grows for many meters without suffering. Berries are used in various fields and sometimes, the small flowers growing on the top of the branches and fruits are mostly used for medical purposes. There are hundred different species of pepper and their berries are treated differently depending on their original plant and on the purposes of their usage. Black pepper is obtained by leaving not yet mature berries getting dried in the sun, white pepper is made by collecting mature berries letting them macerate in water. Green pepper is collected unready and then let in vinegar for a while. Pink or red pepper is collected when mature and then let macerate in vinegar.

Pepper market

Pepper is now an omnipresent element in food market all around the world. The dried berries are sold both in a whole or grinded. Those products which are used in medicine, deriving from pepper, use the active principle to create medications that will help with digestion processes and helping with the absorption of active principle and good elements of other medications or food.