Syrups composition

Syrups are usually divided in three major groups: solutions, emulsions, and suspensions. This is related to the ways of production and not to the final effect of the syrup. Syrups are generally assumed with a small spoon that allows the right measurement of the dosage. Being composed by water, sugar and spices or herbal extracts, when swallowing it down it is not so unusual to capture a little bit of taste with your taste buds, but the majority of the dose gets directly assumed and swallowed. Thanks to its viscosity, its activity is improved because it slowly passed through those areas of your body that need help, for example to calm a coughing state or a throat infection.

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Syrups characteristics

In order to be considered a quality syrup, it has to present specific information: the concentration should be not less than 66,5%, meaning that sugar and water should be divided with a proportion of 2 to 1. Viscosity and specific weight information should be present on the product bios as well. For what concerns its healing characteristics, they depend on the herbs and components it is made of. Being a syrup, it guarantees a good resistance to microbes development also thanks to the reduced quantity of water.

  • Syrups Syrups are useful for many kinds of problems, but mostly for those symptoms that affect us during the winter season. You can produce it by only mixing your natural ingredients, such as herbal mix or e...

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Syrups preparation

Syrups preparation You can prepare your syrup following some simple rules. First of all you have to boil some purified water for at least twenty minutes. Keep its temperature to a maximum of 80 degrees C and add some sugar. Mix it and stir it until it dissolves. Add all the components you need such as spices, herbs or other juices that you will mix to the syrup in order to get the benefit from their active principles. Filter the solution when it is still hot or warm and let it rest until it gets cold. Store your syrup in dry and cool places, taking it away from light and humidity. If you used essential oils and similar additives, oxygen and light could provoke oxidation which is harmful for your final product.

Syrups Types

If you have found emulsions or suspensions, you will find a particular information on their label saying that you will have to shake your bottle before using it because parts of the syrup can sediment on the bottom of the container. Usually with viscous syrup this does not happen that often. Syrups are created to have anti-cough solutions, laxatives, chemotherapeutic helps and anti- infection, soothing and healing benefits.