Bees usually know where they should go to find their flowers. They also recognize polluted plants, and they move to the perfect area to settle down and produce honey. Honey does not have to go through production processes other than the bees’. If you need natural honey, but you read something like “preservatives”, “mechanically abstraction” “pasteurization” or similar, you are not going to have biological honey. Moreover, beeswax must be present as a natural ingredient of natural honey, because it contains the waste substances, and it stores the toxins coming from the plants, that would otherwise interfere with the honey itself. Depending on the flowers the bees work on, you can have different kinds of honey. Biological honey contains the same active principles of the plants it comes from, because bees do not digest or transform the nectar, ... continua

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      Acacia Honey Acacia honey is well known everywhere, but it is produced mostly in the northern parts of Italy. The
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      Honey The composition of the bee product, honey, is not particularly complicated: inside honey you can fin
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      Selling honey Honey can be easily found anywhere, most of all in supermarkets, even though, for more special and q
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      prosegui ... , they just mix it with their saliva creating the sugary and viscous substance. It can be energizing honey, sedative honey, immune stimulating honey and so on. Whatever the plant, then the honey will have the same characteristics, being even more secure and healthy.Honey is considered to be a divine product. It helps in many cases, for any kinds of diseases; it is used to prevent any type of cold related issues, and most of all, it can be used almost in the production of any kind of food, from cakes to first and second servings. The sugar it contains are easily digestible and they can be assimilated by our organism without causing too many problems to our digestive system. It helps with our mental and physical activity, it gives power and it stores the nutrients, releasing them when our body needs it. You can add it to hot milk, tea, or you can use it instead of white refined sugar. It simply is a good choice, if not the best. The only ones who have to be careful because of its high quantity of simple sugars, are those people suffering from diabetes. Ask your doctor for more information.