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    • Arranging plants indoors

      Arranging plants indoors Plants that grow indoors often come from tropical places with a humid and fairly constant climate. F
    • Asparagus ferns

      Asparagus ferns Many plants belong to the genus Asparagus, and some are used as ornamental houseplants. These are co
    • Azalea as houseplants

      Azalea as houseplants Some species of azaleas are well suited for growing indoors. However, to make sure you have a health
    • Beaucarnea

      Beaucarnea The Beaucarnea, also called Nolina, is a semi succulent shrub native to Central and South America, w
    • Caladium

      Caladium The Caladium is a herbaceous plant with growth in spring and summer. Fleshy rhizomes grow directly f
    • Cultivating Yucca

      Cultivating Yucca The yuccas, often called ‘stubs of happiness’, are native plants of South America. In the wild they
    • Cultivation of orchids

      Cultivation of orchids Orchids are members of a genus with thousands of species, but only a few of these are common as indo
    • Cultivation of phalaenopsis

      phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis rhizomatous orchids are native to Asia, and very suitable for growing as houseplants. I
    • Cultivation of saintpaulia

      Cultivation of saintpaulia The saintpaulia are small herbaceous plants, easy to grow and with a long flowering period. They for
    • Cultivation of Schefflera

      Cultivation of Schefflera The Schefflera is a tropical shrub, grown as a houseplant. It needs to be placed in good, well-aerat
    • Growing Aloe

      Growing Aloe Aloe is a plant of African origin, widespread for centuries as a medicinal plant. As well as enjoyin
    • Growing areca

      Growing areca The areca is a palm of tropical origin, often grown as a houseplant. It has large fronds consist of
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