• Houseplants Videos

    Houseplants Videos
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  • Indoor plants

    Indoor plants
    Living indoor, with quite warm temperatures, it is easy to notice that we are often talking about tropical or semi-tropical plants. Taking care of their growth requests attention and precision. There are lots of factor to be taken on account when growing houseplants such as soil, water, light, mois... go to the section Indoor plants

  • Flowers language

    Flowers language
    Flowers language was a very diffuse way of communication during the nineteenth century and still now a days each flower has its meaning and a corresponding occasion to be given. Anyway it should be careful with it because flowers language it is not universal, that means that flowers have different m... go to the section Flowers language
  • Carnivorous plants

    Carnivorous plants
    Carnivorous plants are plants deriving their nutrients by trapping and eating little insects, protozoan or other arthropods. This main characteristic is due to their adapting process to an extreme environment where soil is thin or poor in nutrients; places such as acid peat bogs, swamps, rock outcro... go to the section Carnivorous plants

  • Aloe

    Aloe is a succulent plant, that is a plant able to store up a great quantity of water. It is native to the arid areas of Africa, Madagascar and Arabia. It is an evergreen springtime flowering plant which dimensions are huge so it is better to grow it outdoor preferably in subtropical climates. Among... go to the section Aloe
  • Infusions

    An infusion is the steeping of a substance in water to extract its soluble principles. In other words is a dehydrated herbs mixture which are crumbled and diluted into water. Crumbling is an important step heavy weighting on active principles extraction. Infusion can be prepared as a decoction or ma... go to the section Infusions

  • Ficus

    Ficus is considered the genus of different kinds of trees, vines, or shrubs and similar all related to a specific botanical family. They are characterized by small or large leaves and typical fruits, and they are considered part of the evergreen trees of the tropical areas; some species are also pre... go to the section Ficus
  • Orchids

    Orchids are diffused all over the world but most of them are native from the inter-tropical belt humid zones. They have very different habitats depending on their roots: most of them are epiphytes, that is with only aerial roots, or semi-epiphytes so they commonly live on other plants trunks and bra... go to the section Orchids

  • Give flowers

    Give flowers
    Sometimes when we give flowers as a gift we want to transmit a specific meaning or a sentiment that could be love, jealousy, friendship, tenderness so it is an important thing to learn such a good manners guide not to give a bad impression of ourselves. Flowers are not all the same thatís why depend... go to the section Give flowers