Aloe Gel

Aloe Gel

Ancient populations used to deal with aloe plants to get its anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to its regenerating and soothing potentiality. The aloe gel is a mixture of the central part of the aloe leaves belonging to different kinds of the same species: barbadensis, better known as aloe vera or vulgaris, and rawer species. The gel is not shiny and it can get produced through two operations: squeeze and pressure. Once the mixture gets stabilized, which means that the properties it contains get stuck in the substance, the gel is ready.
Aloe Gel

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The necessary operations to abstract the gel from the plant you have to choose the best leaves. Manipulations of these leaves are specific and complicated, all must be performed at room temperature. Growing the aloe itself has to be done following biologic criteria, because absence of any sort of anti-parasite solution is mandatory and the collection of the leaves must follow the period of water retention of the plant. Once the leaves get washed, they are cut and left hanging to make them drop a specific liquid which would make the gel be too bitter. Dried leaves are emptied (squeezing phase)and later the gel solution gets homogenized and spin-dried.

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aloe characteristicsAloe gel has particular anti-aging characteristics which makes it being used in the cosmetic field very often. It has hydrating and soothing features, added to many others which make it the most used gel in the fields of alternative medicine, entering the traditional pharmacy market, step by step. Being a valid solution for burns and scars, medications are now being improved by adding aloe gel synthesized in the texture or structure of regular sanitary tools.

Aloe usage

Aloe gel is very sensitive to light exposure, so preserve it in dark and dry places. Aloe gel contains proteins, fats, enzymes, vitamins and minerals which make it very perishable. Some drops of oil with lemon essence get added to the solution to preserve it a little more. This kind of gel is particularly apt to be spread on your skin to cure wounds and to make your skin smoother and hydrated. As for the internal usage, it follows a slightly different procedure, but you can use it as digestive help, purifying and anti-biotic solution. It nourishes your tissues and cells, healing and cicatrizing. With a very careful usage in dosage, it can be used as a laxative, but because of its strong power you must be very alerted. Nowadays aloe gel gets frequently used to help the regeneration of the scalp and to help improving baldness.

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