Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe develops most of all in those places where the climate is particularly dry and hot and the presence of rocky soil is fundamental, most of all, if at an altitude of at least 700 m. Its leaves varies in dimensions and number, but mainly they are all long, spear like with a sharp tip. Aloe is used in alternative medicine and not only. Nowadays its properties are recognized also by the classical medicine and it is used for various remedies of any kind. Aloe means bitter in Arabic, but transparent and shiny at the same time.
Aloe Vera

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Aloe characteristics

Its meaty aspect is visibile and clear. You can touch its leaves to feel that the tissue contains a lot of water inside, but be aware of thorns. It blooms with a flower that can be orange or red and in shape it resembles a bunch of grape. The part of the plant which is used in medicine is the leave because when it reaches maturity, and you can tell it by the consistency of the leaf itself, it is cut and sliced in order to obtain the pulp that will be used for a huge variety of products. Thanks to its properties, aloe is used to heal and to cure different conditions, helping the immune system develop more protection and strength.

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    Aloe vera properties

    Aloe vera properties Aloe has regenerating properties, along with those situation of healing conditions of skin or wounds. Burns, dermatitis, eczema and similar are contrasted since the first application, because aloe tends to renovate and create new skin where the tissue is damaged. Anti inflammatory potential is recognized by the consequences it creates in cases of fever and painful manifestations. It is also hydrating, energetic, detoxifying and soothing giving a sense of well-being after its application. It contrasts the diffusion of fungi, viruses and bacteria, also in those cases when the person needs a cure for the itch.


    ProductsAloe vera is nowadays found in gel. Probably most of us does not know that aloe gel can be used to also treat teeth and gingivitis. It only has one flaw: being a natural product made of water and polysaccharides, it tends to deteriorate easily and fast. This is why some industries have thought of creating processes of stabilization and conservation. Using this processes, involving also concentration and freeze-drying, other forms can be created such as capsules, tabs and watery solutions.

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