Ficus is generally an evergreen plant, but some species can drop leaves during the resting period. Originally from subtropical locations, its main characteristic is that a jelly liquid flows inside the plant that could be a sort of defense mechanism that the plant itself uses against parasites and similar. This liquid is also used in many countries to produce a sort of gum which is very cherished.

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If you are willing to grow a very healthy ficus you should consider potting it or planting it using acid soil, or slightly more acid than neutral soil. What matters the most is that the mold needs to be fertilized both prior to the first transplant and later, in order to let the plant absorb all the nutrients it can. Some old and classical species of ficus can adapt also to regular mold, but it all depends on your knowledge about the ficus because, if you are not an expert, you could not be able to recognize the species. Some stronger plants can grow in dry and poor soil as well.

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Ficus Since there are various kinds of ficus, every species has its own characteristics. The most common is the one of the Mediterranean areas and its fruits are well known and appreciated in Italy as well. There are species that present a palm shape and, being considered an ornamental plant, it goes along with the benjamina kind. These ficus plants can reach hights up to 30mt. They have elegant shapes and they are very luxuriant and blooming, but they need a warm environment, with not much sunlight exposure. Low temperatures are deterred. Some bonsai ficus can grow roots from their small branches reaching the ground, which is very characteristic and typical of these plants.

Ficus: CARE

In order to keep your ficus plant healthy and strong, you should keep it away from very low temperatures and potential attacks from parasites and diseases. Each kind of ficus needs not much particular attention, even though you should remember to water it before it shows signs of dryness. Since it needs warm temperatures, during the summer season, watering should be more frequent but do not let the roots soak in stagnant water. Since a few species could grow fruits, although very rarely, do not spray fertilizer or anti-parasites on the flowers of your plant in bloom, in order to preserve the potential fruits.

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