Ginseng Ficus

Ginseng Ficus

When we talk about the Ficus, in general, we do not often realize how many species are part of this genre. Among these, we can find also the ginseng ficus who is characterized by the fact of being a particular variety of a ficus, because of its limited dimensions. The family where the ginseng's origin are, on the other hand can reach very high dimensions and it comes from Asia and Australia. The ginseng plant is very small, and you can grow it either in the apartment or in the office. Being an evergreen, it will not need that much maintenance as all the others its kind. Its leaves are particularly lucid, green and shiny. The trunk is generally of a lighter color than the leaves, turning to light brown. This kind of plants can produce some sorts of figs colored in purple which have the particular characteristic of growing next to the roots. Roots are in fact the special detail of the plant, seeing them growing big and outside the soil, which makes it characteristic of the species.
Ginseng Ficus


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Ginseng care

In order to get a florid growth of this plant, you will have to place it in locations always exposed to sunlight. Just avoid sun rays to hit directly the leaves of the plant and remember that too much is always too much. Although it likes sun exposure, it can handle low temperature very well. It is in fact a very resistant plant. During the hot season it always a good procedure to water the plant often. What is important is the constant irrigation practice waiting every time for the soil to dry up, to avoid humidity stagnation. Remember to spray the leaves with a vaporization tool. A little bit of fertilizer during the vegetative period will help the plant get stronger and it has to be repeated at least every 20 days. If you have to repot the plant, do it during the spring season and be careful to not ruin the roots apparatus.

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    Maintenance If you guarantee a good drainage and a soil full with humus, you will not have to worry about maintenance so much. In fact, the only concern will be related to the trimming technique. The bonsai rule wants the cuts to be precise avoiding wounds that could be dangerous for the correct development of the plant. Always try to keep the shape of the plant without exceeding with the cuts, and if you are removing leaves, remember to leave the new buds growing and just keep one of the old leaves on the top of the branch, in order to remove it once the new leaves have grown.


    Parasites Cochineals are the worst enemies of this plant, most of all if the environment is hot and dry. Just water the plant more often avoiding the development of mildews. Prevent every possible disease that could damage your plant for good. If you will let your ficus grow without keeping it cut, just remember that it could reach big dimensions, most of all if left to grow outside.

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