Cherry flowers

Cherry flowers

Giving a branch of cherry tree as a gift was considered in the past a very gentle and admirable action, and still today, it is seen as a symbol of elegance and femininity. It includes a message of good luck, happiness and love, meaning that life is short and you have to live it to the fullest, as these flowers cannot last longer than two weeks. The samurai symbol is directly related to cherry flowers because of its immense figure of extreme beauty and charm, that can get wounded by enemies and perish. Nip culture is widely related to cherry flowers and cherry trees. Soldiers souls were thought to be reincarnated in cherry trees. Cherry flowers are white with a hint of pink, but they could also turn a little red. With cherry flowers Japanese make also infusions or teas wishing they bring the same luck as having them present anywhere in the environment.
Cherry flowers

Cherry Flower

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Cherry flowers In Japan, cherry flowers are national but not official flowers. The varieties of cherry trees in fact are trees which do not produce fruits. They are grown anywhere, and they are known all over the world thanks to their name: sakura. The blooming season begins in January in some parts of Japan, end of March or April in others. People celebrate the trees, the flowers and their metaphorical meaning. In Canada and in the United States several thousand species were given by Japan in honor of their importance. In Europe and Italy as well there are festivals dedicated to cherry flowers and good luck.

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    Art and literature

    In literature and poetry, cherry flowers petals were considered like snowflakes and associated to clouds. In Europe, artists of every kind like Van Gogh, Manet, Renoir, Degas, Monet, and Gaugain, started painting these flowers getting involved by the “Japonisme” tendency touching decorative arts and literature. In literature there were stories and novels reporting the charming meaning of cherry flowers and trees relating to the purity of children and the passing of the time, considered also the beginning and ending of our life different phases.


    As a symbol, cherry flower is not only described and enhances in literary descriptions and stories, but also in everyday objects, paintings, watercolors, stamps, cartoons and papers of any kind. It is not only to represent the flower itself, but also for the hidden meaning it brings coming from the past and from different cultures and traditions. Its importance is nevertheless led back to the Japanese world and its authentic place of origin from where it has spread all over the world.