Rose meaning

Roses and colors

A red rose can have different meanings depending on the shade: deep red is for passion and never ending love, shiny red is for physical attraction, and a red blooded rose is to say sorry and to repeat how much you love a person. An orange rose means energy and pride. A pink rose is for modesty and optimism. A yellow rose is for jealousy, betrayal even though nowadays, people want to associate it with friendship, joy and warmth. A white rose is for silence, purity, innocence and it is usually used to celebrate children. A multi colored rose bouquet means that many feelings are projected in that symbolic present.
Rose meaning

Roses Meaning

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Roses and numbers

Usually, as a general rule, a bouquet of roses is made of an odd number of flowers, but it is up to the sender to decide. Sometimes the number is symbolic as well, like the years they have to celebrate, or the number of people to dedicate that present to, and so on. One single rose is devotion and dedication. Two roses are for love, engagement, wedding. Three are for two people who confirm their love, usually after the first month. Six roses mean someone is missing their love, seven would express a secret love in declaration. Nine roses are usually for a promise of never ending love, ten are for perfection. Twelve roses are for purity, respect and loyalty. Thirteen roses are for perfect friendship, fifteen is to say “I am sorry”, eighteen to ask for forgiveness. Twenty to declare, twenty one for pure devotion. Twice a dozen is to say “I belong to you and you belong to me”, twenty five mean “congratulations”. Three times a dozen are given if you are truly, deeply in love with that person, forty roses is to confirm your love is real, fifty roses are for unconditional love.

    Meaning of a Rose

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    Rose in Mithology

    Rose in MithologyVenus, the goddess of love, was symbolized by a rose. Chloris, the goddess of flower, transformed a nymph into a rose. Aphrodite gave a rose its appearance, Dionysus gave it the smell, others gave it beauty, splendor and joy until it reached the status of “queen of the flowers”.

    Rose meaning: Rose in Religion and Art

    Roses are generally represented in religion as symbol of the Virgin Mary: the only rose without thorns. All the other roses have thorns to remind the humans of their sins and the pain they have to go through because of their condition as mortal beings. In art roses have been painted in watercolors and oil, also shot in photographs, and many artists owe their fame to the representation they made of these flowers.

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