The language of Flowers

The language of Flowers

Thanks to their charming effect, flowers represent either a gift and a perfect decoration since the ancient times. Their aesthetic value linked to their scent and their herbal remedies potentia, make them recognizable to almost anyone. Flowers are meticulously chosen to create bouquet or compositions that will fit anniversaries and special events. It can either be a very happy moment needing colors and fragrances cheering the places, or commemorative time for losses and funerals, but flowers are omnipresent in a human being’s life. Just like alphabet letters, each flower has its own meaning and a symbolic reference considering the different elements the flower is related to, like color, scent, shape and similar.
language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers

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Meaning of flowers

Flowers are the best solutions to substitute words or thoughts without having to express them with your own voice. Flowers can express real sensations, emotions and messages. The person who is giving flowers as a gift is obviously trying to communicate something, that otherwise would be left unsaid. Several different cultures have taken flowers as real symbols of their society language, most of all when it is not easy to communicate with the person to whom those flowers are destined. Public manifestations of love and care, passion, love, gratitude, respect and admiration, compassion and sympathy, are all feelings that can be expressed by exchanging flowers. It is a world widely known method that could have different shades of meaning depending on each cultural background. What matters is to be aware of the meaning of it.

    The language of flowers

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    Language In Europe, sending flowers has become a translation for different meanings. Most of all they are used to communicate love, passion and hidden feelings. The romantic vein that was born in literature is, not by chance, part of the passionate lover stereotype that lies in our continent. Romantic messages are exchanged thanks to flowers without having to show people your inner emotions. In Eastern countries, flowers are symbols of respect and openness towards family members, friends and hosts. This happens often in the Western countries as well; just consider how Caribbean islands or similar always welcome people with garlands of flower. Remember those daisy chains you or your friends used to do as a child? It was a sign of friendship, wasn’t it?


    A sort of language of flowers developed during the Persian period, long time ago. In Europe it was most probably introduced by Charles II. It did spread in a massive level thanks to Lady Montague who invented or discovered a “hidden secret language of flowers”. Books and essays started to appear, and they were talking about flowers and their language. This topic became more and more famous and when Queen Victoria decided to get all the concept of purity and chastity back to what they were, flowers became the perfect method to express feelings keeping a façade of virginity hiding the real feelings.

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