Bride's Bouquet


Even if it could seem, wedding’s bouquet are not all the same. There are different shapes that a bouquet can have; round shape for any kind of dress, long bouquet for very elegant and thin brides. It could be done with roses or other flowers with long stalks. Brides who are tall and thin should prefer open bouquets, most of all if their dress is not longer than their legs. A bunch shape bouquet is perfect for brides who are not really thin and they would like to focus the attention more on their flowers than on their curves.
Bride^s Bouquet

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The bouquet is complementary to the bride’s dress. It has to be well prepared by the florist who has to follow what the bride wants her bouquet to look like. Most importantly, the florist has to assure the flowers are fresh and they will stay fresh and healthy throughout the whole wedding day. Last, but not least, the bouquet cannot be too heavy to bear, of course, and it must not have dirty spots or the potential characteristics to get the bride’s dress dirty. Some brides, mostly those who will have pearl and jewel to decorate their head or dress, could also request the bouquet to have the same characteristics, adding jewel-like decorations to the flowers, or pearls to the whole composition.

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    Bride's Bouquet: FLOWERS

    Depending on the bride’s taste, her bouquet could be done using any kind of flowers. Usually white flowers like roses are the most cherished, but soft colors ones and using some green parts as decoration, are most welcome. Considering the weight of the flowers, brides usually do not request heavy bouquet and most of all it is not necessary to add a lot of decorations when the flowers are already beautiful enough to be a decoration themselves.