Bunch of Flowers

Giving a bunch of flowers

The meaning of giving a bunch of flowers are several and different for each culture. It could be a birthday, anniversary, to congratulate or to wish good health; decorations and funerals, to express feelings and emotions, or simply to have a colorful and smelly corner in our house. Bunch of flowers are for anytime, any occasion. Bunches of flowers do not need to be bought to be highly appreciated: in fact, you can collect country flowers and donate them to your beloved ones beings tremendously kind, elegant and charming.
Bunch of Flowers

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Types of bunch

There are specific flowers for each specific occasion because they are adaptable to many events. For example, giving red roses to a bride, if you are not her lover does not really make any sense. Orchids, on the contrary are always well accepted and adapted to birthdays, congratulations, acknowledgment and so on. Depending on the occasion then, you can ask the florist to create bunches with this or that flower, considering the meaning that is traditionally linked to the plant, but also to the color and the various other folkloric correlations. Unfortunately, meanings and similar are not a worldwide conception which is recognized similarly by each population, country or culture. Giving bunches of flowers abroad, or out of your home country which has its traditions and cultural backgrounds, you could stumble in bad impressions. For example, in France flowers are goodbyes symbols, which means that if you are willing to express love and you give a French a bunch of flowers, it could probably be mistaken with the message: I am leaving you for good.


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    Bunch of Flowers: Some simple rules

    Some simple rulesEven if using bunches of flowers you could most of the time do the right thing, you should always respect some specific rules: baptisms, weddings, celebrations of this kind request white flowers. Sick people and newly mothers cannot have smelly flowers as a gift. If you are willing to thank your hosts for hosting you, you can give a bunch of flowers to the landlady waiting for her to release the bunch and dispose it as she likes. A general rule would be to donate an odd number of flowers, unless they are roses, because they should be grouped in even number groups. If you are not sure of what you have to do, ask for hints to specialists of the case.

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