Dried flowers

Dried flowers

Fresh flowers have a limited life, what would be better than keep them dried and showing them for a longer time? You can also create compositions, decorations, ornaments and many more. Dried flowers can be found already in the shops, where you only have to buy them, or you can dry them yourself, following some simple steps and procedural techniques.
Dried flowers

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Procedure Dried flowersFirst of all, keep in mind that not all the flowers can be dried up. In fact, not all the flowers are apt to be dried because of their inner characteristics. Those who are actually possible to dry are flowers like roses, lavender, daisies, and similar, which have simple and thin leaves and petals. Tulips and Iris, for example have very thick petals which will not allow them to get dried easily. The procedures are several and each one will be compatible to a determinate flower more than other. With some kinds of flowers you can only hang them somewhere in open air. Others can be dried by laying them on a flat surface covering them with newspaper sheets. Just consider to leave them at a distance one from the other and to leave them in the final position you would like them to have.

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    Preservation Dried flowersIn order to preserve your dried flowers, you should use some sand and specific powders which help with keeping away humidity from the flowers, otherwise they could be attacked by molds or small insects. If you are going to use them as decorations, you can store them in glass jars without creating an environment where condense or humidity could sneak in. Always remember to cover them with specific powders or solutions which should be made of specific elements, not based on water.


    Dried flowers can be used in several multiple ways. You can create objects, decorate others, or simply create bouquets of dried flowers to leave them visible in rooms and halls. When using them as decorations, you can cut them and position them wherever you prefer, such as cartons or greetings cards. Use some scissors and glues and you have everything you need. Often, dried flowers are used as potpourri where, adding some drops of your favorite flower essence you can create perfume bags to put inside drawers or to scent your whole house. To these, you can add spices like cinnamon and other, and have an amazing ensemble of perfumes and colors.