Arranging plants indoors

Arranging plants indoors:

Arranging plants indoors

Plants that grow indoors often come from tropical places with a humid and fairly constant climate. For them to be always luxuriant and well developed you must be careful where you place them. As a first rule avoid putting your plants where they will not have enough room to grow: a large ficus or palm must have a space around it equal to about two thirds of its height, so that when you walk past them you do not ruin the outer branches, which are the youngest ones. If a houseplant grows beyond the height of the ceiling of your house remember to prune it, shortening it so that the top is at least 30-35 cm from the ceiling. Smaller plants, however, may also be kept on shelves or in special cabinets with several levels, always being careful not to place them in too narrow spaces, or to cram too many plants around them, always maintaining good ventilation. For all plants, remember that each one has specific requirements for light and moisture, and it is always better to avoid placing a plant in an excessively shady place or in a room that is kept dark for many hours a day. Choose the brighter areas of the house. If your house is particularly poorly lit, before buying a new plant you should ask a good nurseryman for information, choosing only those plants that can survive even in dark and shady areas. That way your plants will achieve healthy growth despite the poor lighting. During the winter months domestic heating causes a significant decrease in moisture in the environment, which is often a negative factor for most plants; remember this during the months when home heating is active, spraying the foliage of your plants frequently to increase the humidity; or even better, use a humidifier, to be placed in the vicinity of the plant corner in the house. Also remember to avoid placing the plants near radiators, fireplaces or windows. Near heat sources plants are likely to get burned, just like our own skin, something which can cause irreparable damage, while near windows or doors they may undergo abrupt temperature changes, which often cause the loss of foliage or flowers.
Arranging plants indoors

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