Asparagus ferns

Asparagus ferns:

Asparagus ferns

Many plants belong to the genus Asparagus, and some are used as ornamental houseplants. These are commonly called ‘asparagus ferns’. They are small shrubs, with slender stems that often hang, and the foliage is needle-like, bright green, and very pleasing and decorative. They are grown in containers that are not overly large, with soft and lightweight soil and good drainage; as for position, they prefer somewhere very bright, but not in direct sun. They are grown indoors, or in the garden during the summer.

They need regular watering, to avoid leaving the soil dry for extended periods of time, but also avoid excesses, especially in winter. Periodically remove the branches at the base when they are ruined or have their tips dried, to encouarge the growth of new branches. Every 2-3 years replace the pot with a larger one, also changing all thesoil. If you want you can divide the clump of leaves and roots, in order to obtain two plants.

Asparagus ferns

Asparagus Fern (Original Mix)

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