Azalea as houseplants

Azalea as houseplants:

Azalea as houseplants

Some species of azaleas are well suited for growing indoors. However, to make sure you have a healthy plant it is advisable to keep them in a very bright place, but if possible far away from the direct rays of the sun. At least once a year, in the autumn, re-pot the plant using a special soil for acidophilic plants, lightened with a little sand or pumice stone, in order to improve drainage.

It is very important when growing azaleas to maintain the ambient and soil humidity: throughout the year it is essential to keep the soil slightly moist but not soaked with water, and when the plant is in bloom it is advisable to spray the foliage, so as to increase the ambient humidity. From March to October, provide fertilizer for flowering plants. Avoid spraying when the plant is in bloom, and always remember to remove the faded flowers, which encourage the development of rot and mould.

Azalea as houseplants

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