Cultivating Yucca

Cultivating Yucca:

Cultivating Yucca

The yuccas, often called ‘stubs of happiness’, are native plants of South America. In the wild they reach 10-15 meters in height,but grown as houseplants they are kept below three meters.

Cultivation is easy, especially because these plants can bear all kinds of conditions, even really unfavourable ones.

They tolerate drought well, and need watering only in spring and summer, always waiting for the soil to dry out before watering again; when watering, make sure you wet the soil deeply, leaving no stagnant water in the pot-holder.

To maintain a healthy and good-looking plant, it is advisable to periodically clean the leaves, using a damp microfibre cloth.

Position your plant in a very bright place, even exposed to direct sunlight. In the wild these plants live in extreme places, with large variations in temperature from day to night, and may thus be grown in a stairwell, or even outdoors. In fact they easily withstand temperatures below zero, as long as the weather is not too rainy.

As they grow, they often tend to grow greatly in height, leaving a long bare stem, and to avoid this it is advisable to periodically shorten the trunk.

This is done by cutting off the stem about 30-40 cm from the highest tuft of leaves.

Cuttings made like this should be left to dry for several hours and then inserted in the soil, in a new vessel or even in the same vessel as the old stem.

It is a good idea to put pruning putty on the cut that is left on the old plant; and then carry on growing as usual: over a few weeks the stem will grow many new shoots, which will create a new tuft of leaves.

Cultivating Yucca

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