Cultivation of saintpaulia

Cultivation of saintpaulia:

Cultivation of saintpaulia

The saintpaulia are small herbaceous plants, easy to grow and with a long flowering period. They form a dense rosette of fleshy leaves, among which small flowers like violets bloom, with flowering often continuing throughout the year. Since the root system is generally of small size, they are grown in small containers, using ordinary soil. After the first flowering, in spring, saintpaulia often produces small rosettes of leaves at the sides of the mother plant: it is advisable to remove these new plants and pot them individually. The watering must be very regular, and throughout the year we try to keep the soil constantly moist, but not soaked with water. Every 12-15 days we add some fertiliser for flowering plants to the irrigating water. When we water saintpaulia we avoid wetting the fleshy leaves, as if they are moist they could be attacked by fungal parasites. These plants need very light locations, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, and are grown indoors, because they do not tolerate temperatures below 12-15 ° C. These small plants may be propagated by taking the leaves at the base of the petiole, using a sharp knife or razor blade, and placing them to root in water or in a mixture of peat and sand in equal parts, which must always be kept slightly damp.
Cultivation of saintpaulia

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