Cultivation of Schefflera

Cultivation of Schefflera:

Cultivation of Schefflera

The Schefflera is a tropical shrub, grown as a houseplant. It needs to be placed in good, well-aerated soil that is nutrient-rich and has excellent drainage, and if placed indoors you should choose a large pot, leaving a good development space for the root - but not too large. Fill the container with a mixture consisting of universal soil, a little slow release granular fertiliser specific for green plants, and a few handfuls of sand or pumice stone to ensure excellent drainage to the substrate. These plants need minimum winter temperatures above 10-12 ° C, and so can live in a space in the house, or perhaps in a stairwell or on a well-protected terrace. They prefer bright but shaded locations, away from direct sunlight, which could damage the foliage. It is advisable to place the Schefflera in a position in which the entire plant can enjoy good lighting, to prevent developing foliage only on the upper branches. With the passage of the years Schefflera tend to "empty" in the lower part of the stem, and in these cases it is advisable to prune the higher leaves, so as to push the plant to produce foliage along the entire length of the stem. Watering must be very regular, from March to September, but only using small amounts of water, so that the substrate is never soaked. During the winter, water only occasionally, not forgetting to increase the humidity by spraying the foliage with demineralised water. Also clean the leaves periodically with a damp microfibre cloth, which will produce glossier foliage and prevent the development of cochineal scale insects, which often attack Schefflera.
Cultivation of Schefflera

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