Growing Aloe

Growing Aloe:

Growing Aloe

Aloe is a plant of African origin, widespread for centuries as a medicinal plant. As well as enjoying its medicinal virtues you can also decide to grow it as an ornamental plant. Typically what you will find the most easily in nurseries are specimens of Aloe barbadensis and Aloe vera, which are both very easy to grow.

These plants are succulent, developing a dense rosette of fleshy leaves. Aloe is cultivated in a very bright, possibly sunny place, in loose and very well drained soil, as they are highly susceptible to stagnant water. They should be watered only from March-April to September-October, and in the remaining months they can go without watering, except in the case of particularly hot weather. The minimum temperature in winter should be over 9-10° C, and in parts of northern Italy you will be forced to grow it in a sheltered place, indoors or in a greenhouse.

Growing Aloe

Aloe growing at the edge of a canyon, Fish River Canyon, Namibia Poster Print (36 x 13)

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