Growing areca

Growing areca:

Growing areca

The areca is a palm of tropical origin, often grown as a houseplant. It has large fronds consist of long ribbon-like leaves, dark green in colour, with the texture of papyrus. Even in pots, the plant can reach considerable size, up to 2-3 meters in height, even when grown indoors. It prefers well-lit places, but avoid direct sunlight, which could damage the foliage. Given its large dimensions, try and find a position that is well suited to this plant, which tends to produce little foliage if it is continuously being touched or affected by the passage of people close by. Generally the Areca is most conveniently placed in a corner; if you adopt this type of position try to remember to periodically rotate the pot, in order to avoid having one half of the plant constantly facing the wall, and thus exposed to poor ventilation and very little light.

The areca needs regular watering, but before you water, check with your hands to see if the soil is really dry in depth, and provide enough water to thoroughly moisten the substrate contained in the pot. Especially during the warmer months and during the winter, spray the canopy with demineralised water every 3-4 days to increase the humidity and to clean dust off the leaves.

Growing areca

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