Growing azaleas indoors

Growing azaleas indoors:

Growing azaleas indoors

Indoor azaleas belong to species of Asian origin, which are sensitive to cold, and are therefore particularly suitable for growing in the house, in a sheltered and sunny place. Choose the location for your azalea remembering to avoid proximity to sources of direct heat, such as heaters or radiators, in order to avoid the foliage being dried out. At the same time azaleas need to be grown in a bright place, but not exposed to the direct rays of the sun for extended periods of time. The ideal place would be a stairwell or hallway, with good brightness and at the same time not heated too much. The main requirement for indoor azaleas is water: water these plants very regularly, trying to keep the soil slightly moist, but avoiding stagnation in the tray. At the same time make sure that the soil is never too much soaked with water. To increase the ambient humidity remember to spray the foliage frequently, but only when the plant is in bloom, otherwise you run the risk of ruining the buds and the delicate petals. After flowering always remove the faded flowers, for aesthetic reasons, but also to avoid leaving the rotting material in the leaves, where mould or rot could then develop. Every 2-3 years, at the end of flowering, you should re-pot your azaleas, using specific soil for acidophilic plants with acid pH, as the use of unsuitable soil, and even watering with particularly hard water, can cause yellowing of the leaves in azaleas, caused by a disease called chlorosis; to avoid the appearance of these symptoms, or to relieve them, you should use the most suitable soil, water the plants with water that is low in limestone, or every 4-6 months soak them with a fertilizer rich in iron that is available for plants.
Growing azaleas indoors

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