Growing herbs indoors

Growing herbs indoors:

growing herbs indoors

The herbs used in cooking are easy to grow, so that you only need a small balcony or windowsill to have them fresh throughout the year. Some of these plants, such as sage, thyme or rosemary, are small evergreen shrubs, resist the cold and prefer fairly sunny positions. We can grow them in small clay pots, to be kept on the windowsill or on a sheltered terrace. In areas where the winter climate is very harsh, during the colder months we cover the pots with agro-fabric to protect the roots from frost. Watering should be performed only when the soil is dry: more regularly from April to September, and less frequently during the colder months. Other herbs, such as basil, rocket and parsley are annual, or in any case it is better to grow them as such. You will need enough space for a small container, such as those used for geraniums. Fill the container with good universal soil, mixed with a little slow release granular fertilizer, which will provide minerals to your plants for about 4-6 months. Water the pot well, moistening all the soil, then scatter the seeds of the aromatic plant you have chosen on the surface, say basil or parsley. Then with the right hand press the seeds to the ground and cover with agro-fabric. Spray the surface of the soil periodically to keep the seeds moist. The pot, thus prepared, should be kept in a sunny place, until complete germination of the seedlings, and then you can remove the non-woven fabric, possibly replacing it during the colder months of the year. In areas where the climate is very harsh in winter it would be better to bring the pots of annual herbs inside, putting them in a sunny place, well protected from frost.
growing herbs indoors

Growing Herbs: Indoors, in Pots, in the Garden, Herb Recipes And a Medicinal List by Kaye Dennan (2013-11-20)

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