The Acmea

The Acmea:

The Acmea

The Acmea trifasciata is a typical houseplant. A member of the bromeliad family, it is native to South America, and is an epiphyte, so that its roots do not sink into the ground, but in a loose substrate, consisting of pieces of bark and peat.

The plants are very ornamental, with large stiff and fleshy leaves, arranged in a rosette; they prefer partially shady places, as strong direct sunlight can lead to dark burns on the foliage. From the centre of the rosette there rises a colourful inflorescence, among whose pink bracts there bloom small lilac or white flowers. When the inflorescence has finished its flowering, the plant dries slowly, but producing small plants at the base, which will develop at the expense of the mother plant. They can be left in the main pot, or they can be detached and grown individually.

The Acmea does not need watering too frequently. it is sufficient to periodically moisten the soil, and fill the cup between the leaves with water. Every week you should empty the cup by tipping the plant, and fill it with fresh, clean water.

The Acmea

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