The yucca

The yucca:

The yucca

It prefers well-lit places and can even be exposed to the direct rays of the sun. It can also stand the cold, especially if the plant is exposed to low temperatures gradually, so it can be grown outdoors or in a stairwell. The cultivation is very simple, because the yuccas also adapts to growing conditions that are not ideal, and survive even with poor lighting, poor air circulation and poor care.

Water only when the soil is dry, and avoid leaving the substrate moist for long periods of time. When the shrub becomes too large to be cultivated in an apartment you can resize it by simply cutting the stems to the desired height. Cover the cut with sealing compound for pruning: the cut plant will produce new shoots and new tufts of leaves. Alternatively, the upper part of the stem that you have removed may be put in the earth to get new plants.

The yucca

Closer To Nature - pianta di yucca artificiale, altezza 122cm - gamma di piante e alberi artificiali in seta, Green, 4FT

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