Euphorbia Pulcherrima is better known as poinsettia. In particular, some cultures tend to name this plant as Christmas star, given its presence mostly during Christmas holidays. Other names are winter rose, noche buena, mexican flame leaf, and others. Poinsettia can be red, white or green and it can have several different dimensions and shapes. It is cultivated for its decorative purpose. It is originally from Mexico, where it grows wild reaching up to 4 meter high. It grows like a bush and in a specific period of the year because it blooms when daylight gets shorter because it needs shadowy place to stay in bloom.

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Poinsettia characteristics

Poinsettia characteristicsInside a poinsettia trunk there is a sort of milk-like liquid which is particularly dangerous for cats and dogs and it is irritating for a human being skin as well. If you swallow the liquid you could also get diarrhea, nausea and similar, which makes it a serious danger for young children as well. The plant has only one feminine flowers in the midst of multiple masculine elements. Its name derives from the American ambassador Poinsett who brought it to the United States from Mexico.

  • Poinsettia During the summer it can tolerate high temperatures without any major problems and during the winter can stand the cold and frost. It must be grown in a place where the minimum temperature does not dr...

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Poinsettia care

When you receive a poinsettia, change its vase as soon as possible with a bigger one and if the following year your plant will not bloom, you can enjoy its green leaves and mix it in flower compositions. When the leaves fall you should trim the branches and use some ash to avoid the milky liquid to come out. When you are waiting for the plant to regenerate, place it in a sunny place and fertilize it with minerals twice a month. When it blooms, you should leave it at sunlight for a couple of hours and then in a shadowy place for up to 15 hours a day.

Poinsettia location

Poinsettia locationThe poinsettia ideal place is a slightly acid and light soil, using some clay to improve drainage. The re-pot operations have to be done during spring and it does not have to be left in windy areas. To reproduce it you can operate with scions: place the trimmed branches in budding powder and then keep the buds in ideal temperature locations until the grow a little. Re-pot when needed.

Poinsettia maintenance

Poinsettia does not like water stagnation and you will have to water it only when the soil gets clearly dry. Do not spray the leaves, most of all during the summer, because they are fragile and they could get burnt. When you see the leaves turning yellow it means they are attacked by parasites because there is not a good air circulation. White flies are the most common parasites. When brown spots appear they cochineals have attacked your plant: use anti-parasites as soon as possible. Fungi can be present as well, most of all when you water too much and you create a too humid environment.