Growing Orchids

Growing Orchids

Orchids are flower plants which have conquered the world scene and very huge part of the flower market thanks to their wonderful flowers. Five petals with a very specific shape with almost choreographic combinations of color and transparencies, a very thin body but with a vivid green color making it elegant and charming. Women are particularly fond of this plant because they become passionate in the care they put in growing them and because of the affinity they feel with the concept of a beauty that has to be taken care of to grow beautiful and strong.
Growing Orchids

Orchid Growing: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Orchids

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Orchids LocationBeing a tropical and subtropical plant, orchid can adapt to most of the typical conditions of humid, hot and lighted areas. Its favorite location has to have these main characteristics, but this does not mean it cannot be grown in “captivity”. In fact, recreating the ideal situation for an orchid is not that easy, and you have to artificial conditions to make the plant adapt to every possible situation. Often orchids are kept indoors where humidity, heating system and kitchen activities are interacting with the environment.

  • Cultivation of orchids Orchids are members of a genus with thousands of species, but only a few of these are common as indoor plants: most often the phalaenopsis, dendrobium or cambria varieties. These plants are of tropica...

Understanding Orchids: An Uncomplicated Guide to Growing the World's Most Exotic Plants

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Orchids care Light is essential for orchids and it is the main energy source because the plant absorbs the sunlight thanks to its leaves. Considering the number of species of orchids that can reach up to twenty-five thousand, there are also different conditions which characterize that specific species you have. For the survival of the plant, it is not a matter of sunlight exposure but of the quality and quantity of this. Some can stay hours under the sun without getting dry, others cannot stand more than a bit, just be sure of what you specific plant needs. As a general rule, orchids love screened light without having the direct ray of sun touching the leaves.


Ventilation is a fundamental characteristic for a the orchid well-being. The plants love airs going around and refreshing its green sides, in particular once the irrigation process is over. An environment where temperature and humidity are kept constant are the ideal features for an orchid to live without needed that much maintenance. Preventing is better than healing, for orchids this is like a motto. Orchids can be easily attackable by parasites and diseases if the environment is not correctly managed. In the case they get too dry or affected my molds, you will realize there will not be much to do because they easily die once weak and sick. Keep your orchid safe by never forgetting how to take care of it.