An infusion is the steeping of a substance in water to extract its soluble principles. In other words is a dehydrated herbs mixture which are crumbled and diluted into water. Crumbling is an important step heavy weighting on active principles extraction. Infusion can be prepared as a decoction or maceration. In case of decoction should be uses plants parts whose active principles wouldn’t be damaged by prolonged poaching such as roots, barks, branches and leaves. Otherwise, it should be better proceed with maceration when active principles are sensitive to high temperatures.

In this section we will talk about different typologies of infusions, their main characteristics, their uses and scopes, the principal herbs used and their main properties, maceration and decoction way to prepare it, procedures and conservation system.

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    • Draining Infusions

      Draining Infusions In this case, a draining infusion is our biggest ally to let out liquids which are unwelcome in our
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      prosegui ... , when winter comes, often we look for hot drinks to warm ourselves. Sometimes drinking an infusion is not only a warmly but even a healthy way to take care of ourselves. Preparing an infusion is not a difficult thing if some few rules are followed. For example, never mix more than five different herbs the way not to provoke contraindicated reactions due to the active principles mixture of them; watch out the boiling time because the amount of time herbs are left boiling in water depends on the purpose for which the infusion is prepared (minimum 15 minutes, maximum 30 minutes). Mallow infusion is a good ally against sore throat or gastrointestinal tract, above all on urinal tract. Artichoke infusion is a panacea for liver thanks to the cynarine, the most important aromatic essence inside the vegetable which is able to improve diuresis and biliary secretion. Fennel infusion can be prepared both with seeds and fruits. There is also the wild fennel whose leaves are used to get infused. Properties of fennel infusion are many, the most important is the skill to inhibit fermentative process at the intestinal level. Furthermore it has a general relaxing property on colon and nervous system.

      Sometimes herbalist doctors suggest infusions to treat small but bothersome diseases for persons who cannot stand drinking other nauseating liquids. For that reason now a day lots of infusion are on the market edited with substances which make a much more pleasant taste such as orange, liquorice, anis, lavender. When preparing infusion by maceration, never use metal pots, rather choose porcelain or ceramic pots.