Irrigation system

To always have healthy and beautiful plants and grass, you should opt to create, if you do not have one already, an irrigation system passing through your garden. Thinking of the watering system turns out to be useful if done while designing the whole garden structure. You can choose your starting point, the water spray direction, the source of your system and many more characteristics. Usually the irrigation system is fed by the house hydraulic plant, but it is not so uncommon to take advantage of artesian wells and natural sources, whenever present.If you do want an automatic irrigation system, you should provide it with an electronic valve connected to the main implant. This allows the system to turn into action even if you are not home to switch it on. If you decide to use the dropping system, you will surely pick the less expensive, mostly if you have bushes and plants to water. The new irrigation systems have also the possibility to collect rain water into a storage bowl, ... continua

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    • L-pipes

      L-pipes An irrigation system is indeed composed by a series of elements which are necessary for the right fu
    • Manholes

      Manholes Manholes allow to verify and observe the inner side of the system to check if everything is working
    • Solenoid valves

      Characteristics of Solenoid valves The solenoid valve allows the electric and not the manual opening of the water flow. This system all
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      prosegui ... , and to save it, in order to be used to water your garden without having to use drinkable water from your hydraulic system. There is also a type of irrigation plant that goes underneath the surface of your garden, but it needs to be realized by specialists. In any case, you should plan the correct dimensions and measurements, dividing your garden in different areas and dedicating its own valve to each zone.Thanks to its sensors, the irrigation systems allows to water your garden depending also on the humidity of the soil. In fact, what is called rain sensor, avoids the waste of the irrigation process if it rains. Everything will be performed automatically, you only have to plan your irrigation calculating what is needed and what not. Always remember to keep your garden healthy and watered; this can be done considering the installation of an irrigation system. If you do not want to ruin the aesthetic of your garden, just opt for the ground one, almost invisible and less perishable.Of course, considering the cost of an irrigation system is the main feature you will have to look for. The wider the garden, the bigger the expense you will have to provide. For this reason, it is better to ask for help to technicians and experts. If you do own a very small green area, then you can consider doing it on your own, or just using a manual irrigation. If you already have a garden without a system, then you should dig the irrigation ditches and create a new one to fit your green space. Whether it is a hidden system or a visible one, always remember the advantage of having an irrigation system for your garden maintenance.