Lawn is the best place to sit down and relax, it is a symbol of calm and serenity. There you can sit and read, kids can play, pets can run. When it is springtime you can have a rest under the trees shadow, have chat with your friends, barbecuing and a lot of things usually done outdoor. Lawn needs care and attention above all when talking about watering. Now a day technology did big steps ahead concerning equipment to irrigate and drainage systems to balance the right water supply to the soil. That means that taking care of a lawn it is just a matter of little devices, such as set lawn free from growing over herbs, joined to a light irrigation system. In this section you will find useful advices about how to take care of a lawn; data sheet about different typologies of turf, how to manage an artificial turf and a lawn tape; where and when buy seeds; where and when seed.When we talk about lawn we don’t talk only about the one upholstering our gardens. There could be three different typologies of lawn: the productive lawn with growing over herbs useful for pasture even if not too much aesthetically pleasing; the playing field lawns used for sports such as tennis, ... continua

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    • Artificial Turf

      Artificial Turf It allows you to create artificial lawns who are apt to practice sport or simply to have an evergree
    • Garden Lawn

      Garden Lawn The grass is needed to walk on the soil allowing your children to play, walk, run without getting hu
    • Lawn

      What is a lawn, if not a place where you can relax, do picnics, play or just lay on the green carpet
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      prosegui ... , soccer, rugby, polo and football; the well-known green grass decorative lawn upholstering a garden. Here we are going to talk about everything concerns a good management of lawn.

      Before seeding it is necessary to appropriately drainage water in excess, topdressing and cut growing over herbs. Seeding shouldn’t be done at random, but there are devices to follow. First of all, never seed when it is windy, soil should be a little humid and gently raked, seeds should be distributed evenly. If you don’t want to wait until seeds to turn into grass, you can always buy a lawn tape, that is a natural lawn sold as it would be an artificial one. Tapes are made by real grass cultivated for almost a year and a half. Never forget about the most famous lawn that is the English lawn so pleasant to see because of its uniformity both in colour and height. Lawns lover appreciate very much that kind of turf because is a symbol of architectural precision but it is flimsy too so that it needs continuous and dedicated maintenance.