The aspect of a natural lotion should be exactly like a regular traditional lotion. It is a fluid substance that you can rub on your skin and it gets absorbed by your cells. The main difference is made by the ingredients: biological ingredients are used to create a natural lotion. The only problem with this, is that lacking preservatives and chemical substances to keep it pure, the natural lotion tends to deteriorate sooner than the others. To obviate to this flaw, some kinds of natural preservatives are used, in order not to alter the consistency of the final product. If you have to create it yourself, remember to use sanitized containers and to melt the substances in hot boiled water, in order to get rid of bacteria. Add the various ingredients, asking for help to experts.There are different kinds of lotions, depending both on the purposes you want them to have, ... continua

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    • Body lotion

      Body lotion During the winter season it is basically obvious that your skin gets dry and itchy causing discomfor
    • Face lotion

      Face lotion It is always a good idea to pay attention to the products you use for your skin, most of all the one
    • Lotions

      Lotions Lotions are today prepared, using high levels in concentration of active principles, in order to imp
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      prosegui ... , and the natural ingredients it contains. As a general rule, the principles of the plants which are used to be part of the lotion mixture, are the same principles of the lotion itself. This means that, if you would like to have a moisturizer you should opt for lotions containing those ingredients coming from plants that guarantee moisturizing elements. If you need draining lotions, look for draining plants ingredients, and so on, choosing what fits your need, for the better. As some lotions uses oils to preserve their fragrance and structure, always be sure you are not allergic to it, or to parts of the elements presented in the ingredients list.The purpose of a lotion is related to the kind of lotion you are about to use. The main characteristic should be the mere fact of being natural, and being made with natural substances. It has to guarantee it is secure and harmless, while being useful for the purpose it is made for. A moisturizer, for example, has to keep your skin moist, so do not expect to use it also as a draining lotion or a merely soothing cream. Ask for help to your herbal specialist or to the expert of herbal lotions where you want to buy it, if you do not want to risk doing it yourself. Be sure the labels contain all the information you are looking for, and do not hesitate to ask for more details.