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Differently from the dry extracts, for the mother tinctures there is no obligation to have standardized methods or information to be shown to the potential user. It is almost impossible to quantify the amount of active principles contained in a hydro alcoholic solution. As a general rule, we consider the mother tincture to have less principles than other herbal remedies, because of this lack of information. Let the herbal plant parts marinate in the hydro alcoholic solutions. Filter and store the solution in dry and cold place. The big part of the procedure is simply done. Many factors can interfere with the results, depending on time, environment and other factors: this do not interfere, though, with the final and main purpose of using the mother tincture as part of your homeopathic remedy.Mother tincture is used as a remedy to various symptoms, ... continua

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      Calendula mother tincture Calendula flowers are either yellow or orange and they are actually the containers of all the active
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      Mother Tincture The only flaw of the mother tincture is that it is not standardized or entitled and, for this reason
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      Mother tincture posology Tinctures and mother tinctures are compositions that are produced thanks to a procedure which is cal
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      prosegui ... , and easily treatable problems. Since in these hydro alcoholic solutions, the quantity of active principles in generally low, the herbalist or homeopathic expert is allowed to use it in a mixture of herbal preparations and nutritional supplements. In phytotherapy, the mother tinctures have not the same value as other products, so it is better to save this final products using specific plants that can, actually, get the best from the hydro alcoholic solution method by dissolving principles into the alcohol itself.Mother tinctures have the same effects of the plants where they come from. The potentiality of each hydro alcoholic solution depends on the ratio existing between alcohol and vegetable part diluted in it. Considering that the mother tincture comes from leaving parts of the fresh plant marinating in alcohol and water, for a specific period of time, you have to remember that each kind of plant needs a specific timeframe to dissolve in the solution, avoiding the waste of products. Some kinds of mother tinctures should be kept in dry places and repaired from the light, mostly when they are fresh made, and just filtered. Once you open the hydro alcoholic solution, do not store it for too long because its authenticity gets lost in the waiting. Ask for help to your herbalist to know the exact posology of your remedy.