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Growing a vegetable garden became now a day a sustainable hobby and a cheap and environment friendly way to eat fresh and homemade vegetables. In fact, they represent an important food category because of the quantity of water, vitamins and mineral salts they carry inside. In this section we will talk about vegetables we serve everyday on our tables. In each dedicated data sheet you will find information about the most important and diffused vegetables and about the different varieties put on the market. Here you will also find information about the best way to grow them (soil, watering, seed time and parasitic to fight against), their nutritive features and their main characteristics.Vegetables whatever they are (leaves, buds, roots, tubers, fruits) are irreplaceable elements in our diet. Vegetables are categorized by: flower vegetables (artichokes, ... continua

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    • Clump vegetables

      These vegetables are usually planted in small pots, and the heads are planted out in the garden when
    • Cultivating Impatiens

      The Impatiens, also called touch-me-not and Busy Lizzie, is one of the most-cultivated small annual
    • Cultivating Rocket

      Rocket is an aromatic herb which is also used to enhance flavour in salads, pasta dishes and sauces.
    • Fruit plants

      The corner of giardinaggio.it dedicated to the fruit orchard is for lovers of the outdoors who can a
    • Growing apples

      The apple, malus communis, is easy to grow. Plant apple trees in a sunny place, remembering that th
    • Growing artichokes

      growing artichokes Unlike most plants grown in the garden, artichokes are perennials, so if you want to grow them, you
    • Growing asparagus

      growing asparagus To grow asparagus it is best to buy roots that are 2 or 3 years old, which is the period after which
    • Growing basil

      This is one of the most widely used herbs in cooking, for sauces, meat sauces and salads, alone or i
    • Growing carrots

      The carrot is a biennial vegetable, but is grown as an annual, and the part of the plant that is usu
    • Growing cherry

      Cherry trees are easy to grow. They are hardy and vigorous, and can stand even intense frost. Put t
    • Growing kiwi

      The kiwi is a plant originally from China, which is well suited to cultivation in central and northe
    • Growing onions

      Onions are small annual herbaceous plants, of which we eat the fleshy leaves, which towards the base
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      prosegui ... , cauliflowers); fruit vegetables (eggplants, zucchini, cucumbers); seed vegetables (beans, lentils and legumes in general); leafy vegetables (chicory, chard, lettuce); root vegetables (radish, carrots, beets); tuber vegetables (potatoes); bulb vegetables (onion, leek). How many vegetables could be grown and how many vegetable could be eaten? Some of them can be consumed raw such as carrots, onions, ripe tomatoes, peppers, lettuces; some could be cooked such as chards, asparagus, cabbages, spinaches; some must be cooked just to destroy natural toxins or to kill microbes the way to be edible such as potatoes, unripe tomatoes and some legumes. Some vegetables are known as culinary herbs such as basil and celery, used in cooking to flavouring dishes. The same happens to onions and leeks. Other vegetables used to prepare a salad such as valerian, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, lettuce. A little piece of land is enough to have at our fingertips all the right ingredients for a perfect minestrone soup. Here we are going to talk about it all.Not everyone has the chance to grow a real vegetable garden right through the soil. Anyway, one can solve the problem adapting his balcony for this scope. It is very easy and funny to grow vegetables in your balcony even if yours it seems too little and narrow. If you have doubts about what to seed, here is a little list of the easiest vegetables to grow: basil, lettuce, parsley, carrot, rosemary, garlic, onion, radish, celery, sage.