Orchard Vegetable Garden

  • Orchard Vegetable Garden Videos

    Orchard Vegetable Garden Videos
    Growing a vegetable garden became now a day a sustainable hobby and a cheap and environment friendly way to eat fresh and homemade vegetables. In fact, they represent an important food category because of the quantity of water, vitamins and mineral salts they carry inside. In this section we will t... go to the section Orchard Vegetable Garden Videos
  • Aromatic plants

    Aromatic plants
    Aromatic plants are called this way because of the good smell they emit. They are rich of essential oils which biological function could be of defence against phytophagous insects or of vegetal metabolism stimulating. Aromatic essence production could be diffused in the whole plant components such a... go to the section Aromatic plants

  • Essential oils

    Essential oils
    Essential oils are preparations obtained starting from an aromatic vegetal component. Their use is disparate such as antibiotic allopathic and healthy functions, but even as an ambience deodorizing, in the aromatherapy, cosmetology and phytotherapy. To preserve the minimum essential oils quantity, p... go to the section Essential oils
  • Growing Vegetable Gardens

    Growing Vegetable Gardens
    Who has ever thought of cultivating a personal vegetable garden? Many of us do not even know if they have enough space or manners, or if it will take a lot of our time to see it offering our first products, but it is never too late to start working on it. It is actually a very good idea to have ve... go to the section Growing Vegetable Gardens

  • Fruit Trees

    Fruit Trees
    We can call fruit trees those trees that produce fruits as edible food for humans and animals. Examples of these trees are the apple tree, the apricot tree, the pear tree, the almond tree, the peach tree, the plum tree, and so on. Of course there are other fruits which do not grow on trees, like str... go to the section Fruit Trees
  • Fruit Plants

    Fruit Plants
    Those that are not fruit trees but that fructify following the same process, are called fruit plants. Differently from fruit trees, the fruit plants are associable to vines, shrubs, small bushes and all those kinds of plants whose fruits can be grown in small places and do not require much space as ... go to the section Fruit Plants

  • Citrus

    Blood orange, Sicily lemon and citron are just three of the various kinds of fruits that we can have thanks to the existence of citrus fruit trees. Originally from middle east, citrus fruits are now grown all over the sub-tropical zones of the whole world. Citrus fruits should be part of our diet be... go to the section Citrus
  • Tomato

    Tomato is originally from South America, but once brought to Europe, and Italy in the specific, it started have a huge variety and usage which made it become part of our great culinary tradition. Regardless the thousands different kinds of tomatoes, two main groups can define their specificity: toma... go to the section Tomato

  • Lavender

    Lavender has many different characteristics to be taken in consideration. From this plant you can get several antiseptic, calming, soothing and bactericide properties, not only coming from its fruity flowers but from the whole plant as well. Depending on the processed of abstraction, you can produce... go to the section Lavender