Mint is wide spread all over the planet but it is mostly cultivated in temperate regions rather than in tropical areas. Thanks to its essential oils its importance grew stronger with the passing of the time. The mint plant is an evergreen and its roots sink particularly deep into the ground. It is called polymorphic because of the several different shape it can have depending on each species particularity.

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No matter the species, mint has a particular aptitude to adapt to territories presenting different kinds of climate. It can be grown either in Alaska or Africa, it does not really matter as long as it gets fed by water and maintained with the correct attentions. This is why mint can grow either exposed to sunlight and covered by shadows, even though it is right to specify that good light exposure promotes a better presence of essential oils. It can grow without any problem in vase, but also planted in the ground. Flowers can grow from spring through summer.

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mint careMint needs frequent watering only during the summer season because during the cold season a regular but not too frequent hydration is enough to go through the winter waiting for spring to come. Do not spray the leaves while watering the plant because evaporation will lose big part of the essential oils. It does not need particular attentions for soil or similar because it adapts to almost every soil, as long as it does not present water stagnation. If it contains humus, the drainage is correct and a little bit of acidity is present, then you created the ideal place for mint to grow healthy.


Mint needs potassium all the time. This is why when fertilizing the plant, you can always add some more potassium to the solution. Do not forget other mineral and nutritional elements to keep the soil balanced. Mint does not need to be trimmed that often, just remove dry leaves and damaged parts to keep it healthy.

Mint: Properties

Mint leaves can be collected all year long, even though the usual crop is done during the summer, most of all because they contain big part of the essential oils during that period. You can use mint leaves fresh or drying them in a shadow place to preserve the aroma. Its herbal properties are almost all related to the essential oils with specific essence for each species.

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