Truffles are famous and well known all over the world and there are several different species. Only one species though is actually edible and legally admitted to be sold. The one which is mostly cultivated is represented by the black truffle which is also the one produced on a wide range. Somebody tried to grow white truffle as well but without any positive result. Cultivating truffles means succeeding in the realization of an artificial system with an ideal relationship between fungus and plant. The technique involves leaving the roots of the plant getting affected by the spores of the fungus.

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Procedure Once the best quality of truffle has been chosen, depending on the soil we can offer it, it is important to decide the kind of plant where the truffle will develop. It is suggested to create cultivating system with several different kinds of plants in order to have various choices to guarantee the production despite potential adversities. The ideal season to start planting is between fall and spring. Later, working on the superficial soil is needed to favor the depth on the roots, the aeration of the mold and the water infiltration limiting the wild weed in the area.

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    LocationThe specific needs of truffles make it hard to grow. Thick soils are not the best, nor the acid ph ones. Chalky or not deep enough areas are discouraged as well. It is always better to ask the experts for soil preparation procedures in order to get the best without wasting time and space. Irrigation should not be performed with tube water but you should collect rain water or used the purified distilled one. Truffles will start to be productive after more than seven year, but to be collectible, at least 13 years have to pass.


    Trimming is very difficult and precise for this kind of plants and it should be done paying a lot of attention in order to preserve the production. Most of the time it can be avoided by simply taking a good care of the growing location. You can trim the plants in order to avoid excessive shadow. Fertilization, both mineral and organic is not used and cultivators tend to add nutrients to the soil to improve the taste of the final product.


    Being a fungus, parasites and diseases are not considered as problems affecting it. Cultivators should worry about taking a good care of the plant by keeping the right environment and avoiding parasites to attack the plant where the truffle grow which could get the bad aspects of the sick plants that feed them.