When grown strong and healthy, a lemon tree can reach up to 6 mt in height, its branches grow thorns and its leaves change color depending on the age. The flowers can be present all year long and they smell delicious. As for the other plants coming from Asia, it fits well with warm temperatures and should not be kept in low winter season weather conditions.

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The ideal soil for lemon trees is a mixture of sand, gravel and mold, in order to have a good drainage. Organic fertilizer and peat are ideal to be added at the beginning of the first planting activity so that all the nutrients are ready to be absorbed. To reproduce the plant there are several ways, so ask for help to the expert to know what fits your plant and the goals you would like to reach. Sowing season is in March, and you should kept the soil hydrated but not soaking wet.

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Lemon tree is a plant that can be grown in a pot. The soil should be made of compacted soil mixed with peat, manure, sand and gravel. The vase should not be very wide but it is necessary to guarantee a good drainage. Every 4 to 5 years you can repot the plant. You should keep the soil fertilized with frequency and if you want a good looking plant you can trim the branches at the end or at the beginning of the summer season.


For lemon trees it is necessary to add humus or manure with constant frequency. The fertilization phase is very important and it would be useful to analyze leaves and soil in order to have the right information about what is lacking and what not. Using fertilizers made especially for citrus trees would be a good idea every once in a while.

Lemon: CARE

Watering the lemon tree should be done when the soil looks very dry. Keep the soil wet but not soaked during the summer and place the plant in a sunny location, while during the winter it is not necessary to keep it as wet as during the summer. Trimming should be done during the summer once the plant has finished blooming. Removing those parts of the plant affected by parasites will keep it safe. Cochineals, oidius and similar are the most common parasites. When leaves, flowers, fruits start to change color or they present dark spots, the plant has been affected. It shows signs of diseases also because of the lack of minerals, so always remember to take care of your lemon preventing damages.