Almond Oil

Almond Oil

Almond oil refers to sweet almond variety which is used more often than bitter almond. Bitter almond oil contains an element which is often used to produce poison. Almond oil is characterized by a large variety of active principles very useful for our body and organism.
Almond Oil

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Almond Oil preparation

Almond Oil preparation Almond oil is largely used both in the therapeutic and cosmetic fields, obtaining a very fluid oil from the complicated operation of cold extraction from sweet almonds. There are two kinds of almond tree: one produces a very sweet fruit, the other produces bitter ones. When almonds are collected, the shell gets broken in order to have the wooden skin of the seed available. When the oil gets extracted, its typical color is yellow, until it gets elaborated and filtered making it almost transparent.

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    Almond Oil properties

    Almond Oil propertiesAlmond oil is very smooth and it helps in all those cases when you need a smoothing, nutritive and lenitive function. It has a big amount of proteins, glucose, mineral salts and vitamins of the A and B group. It integrates well with all kinds of skins, it also helps with the aging of the human body tissues and it sooths particularly delicate skins like those of children and newborns. It helps with the itch caused by typical infancy diseases and it improves the healing process of dermatitis and stretch marks. Almond oil is useful for dry hair as a repairing tool, and as a face cleanser before rinsing with hot water.

    Almond Oil usage

    If you are using it as a hair mask you should let it penetrate the fibers of your hair for at least 20 minutes and then rinse off. When using it as a soothing lotion, spread it all over your body or critical areas like legs and waist if you are pregnant, and let it get absorbed by massaging the skin for a while. Take a bath or a shower to remove the extra oil remaining and your skin will be soon renovated. Sometimes it is also used as a cure for water retention and cellulite, but you must be constant and use it every day, before the shower, in order to reactivate circulation. Almond oil is also a valid alternative to laxative solutions, assuming a spoon of oil in the morning helps with bowl regularity.

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