Argan oil

Preparation and characteristics of argan oil

Argan oil is obtained thanks to a meticulous selection and a very careful squeeze after cold pressing. Argan oil has several antioxidant properties and it has many essential fat acids so that it is often used to contrast the aging of skin and organism. It acts as a an effective solution having a protective power against external threat for body and skin (i.e. smog and weather agents). One of the main benefit of argan oil is also the stimulating activity helping with the renovation and regeneration, linked to the oxygenation of the dermatologic tissue.
Argan oil

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Usage Argan oil

Thanks to the presence of vitamin E and linoleic and oleic acid, argan oil gets used to make skin more elastic. Nowadays, beauty farms use it warming it a little and applying it on a painful part of the body so that it can contrast the pain at a muscular level. Oxygenating the skin, argan oil gets used to give protection to connective tissues. Since it is considered to be a sort of rejuvenation potion, people is getting more and more used to its application mixed with body lotions, shower gels, body oils and similar. Being extremely hydrating without oiling the skin, children and babies skins are rubbed by parents and grandparents without any fear.

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    If you are using the argan oil on your hair, you can warm a little oil in your hands applying it on your wet or dry hair. Leave it on for at least an hour and then rinse it off. You can use it on your nails, mixing it with a little lemon juice, you can leave your hands dipping in the solution for ten minutes and then washing it off. To have a lighter and brighter skin, you can add some drops of oil in your bath water or you can mix it to your shower gel. Last but not least, you can use it as a massage oil, massaging the whole body or just those spots full with stress and contractions. Pregnant women could take advantage of its amazing properties, massaging their belly in order to prevent stretch marks and skin relaxation.