Essential Oils


In the past, but above all today, the most used technique was the steamy abstraction. When the first Arabic populations steamed the plants, what they got was the aromatic water, without considering that also the healthy essential oil could derive from that procedure. Today, essential oils are much more evaluated. Of course, there are various techniques: distillation, cold squeeze, and others.
Essential Oils

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As the ancients did not know, while steaming the plant you produce not only aromatic water but also oil. This, once discovered, allowed us to produce not only medications and preparations in order to take advantage of some parts of the plants, but also abstracting the essential oil itself. This means that the essential oil contains the very same properties of the plants of origin, in a concentrated measure. Essential oils are usually found in a liquid form since they are diluted in specific solutions that have to preserve their functions and characteristic. They have a specific color depending on the plants of origin and usually they keep the aroma, or the scent, that makes it typical to that essential oil. Nonetheless they can either be added to lotions, other preparations or just added to steamed water to be propagated in the environment, such as the creation of a specific atmosphere in a room or place.

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    Since essential oils contains a potential complex and concentrated amount of chemical substances derived from a plant, it is better to ask the experts the way, the dosage, and the functions of the essential oil we would like to assume. This happens, even if the therapeutic power of an essential oil is not very high. Still, it is not a good idea to give these oils to babies, newborns, or particularly affected people. Essential oils are usually used as antibacterial, antifungal, relaxing, soothing, stimulants and healing products.

    Essential Oils: LABELS

    Labels are an essential part of an essential oil. Never trust an essential oil which has no information about the place of origin, the plant where it comes from, the method of abstraction and other important information of this kind. Always ask an expert and do not hesitate to complain if the label is not clear enough.