Peach tree

Peach tree

Among these there is the nectarine variety and ornamental peaches. The major producers for peach trees are the United States, Italy, Spain, Greece, China, France and Argentina. Fruits are mature in the period that goes from May through September depending on the type of growing method. The tree can reach up to 8 meters, its roots are not very deep and its flowers are pink.
Peach tree

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Peach properties Peach trees produce peach fruits, of course, which are full in good properties and essential elements. Juices, syrups and similar are created with peaches and they are useful in any kind of low defense mechanisms for children and adults as well. Winter season sicknesses are often helped by using products deriving from these fruits and their potentiality.

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    Peach The climate of the Mediterranean areas is suitable for the development and growth of peach trees. It resists to cold temperatures. Peach trees must be located when already drafted. The ideal location for a peach tree is in a sunny and airy place and it has to be planted during the winter season. As a general rule it is grown in “wall” structures which are the easiest and simplest methods. Before planting, the soil is usually checked in order to make it fertile and ready to host the plants. The peach fruit is generally juicy and pulpy, it is particularly appreciated anywhere. It contains a nut which is poisonous and they cannot be eaten.

    Fertilization and care

    In order to get the best fruits from these plants, the peach trees need to be fed with nitrogen provided with the fertilizer solution. At the end of the winter season there is the need to fertilize the soil with this element, while in spring you have to add some potassium. Irrigation is essential and it has to be kept constant and regular, and it has to be more frequent with the coming of the collecting season. Peach trees are easily attackable by parasites and diseases. There is a particular roots disease which will affect the plant irremediably. There are also fungi attacking buds, leaves, fruits and flowers, and you can tell it got affected by bubbles appearing on the surface. When branches gets too dry and white flies disease is present, your tree is most probably dying.

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