Strawberry plant is considered an evergreen and it has particularly small dimensions. Its maximum height reaches up to 20 cm. It can be found anywhere, from Europe to America and Asia. The strawberry plant's typical feature is the group of leaves it has on its base, which are relatively small,,sucking support from the small trunks which are particularly thin. Its leaves are characteristic, and they are recognizable for its round heart-like shape. Once the plant is done blooming, it fructifies, from spring through summer time with the typically strawberry fruits. Nowadays there are several hybrid plants of strawberry which adapt to the market needs.

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Strawberries location

Strawberry’s ideal location are relatively fresh areas, in order to let the fruits grow in the shadow or half-shadowed locations. They can stand the cold, but a regular heat is the ideal temperature to make them grow juicy and sweet. Wild strawberries grow up the mountains so, they are more resistant to cold seasons. During the blooming and close to the fructifying season, it is a good idea to water the plants constantly and frequently. This is necessary most of all when the summer gets too hot and dry. When summer begins, reduce the watering in order to preserve the plant from getting burned. The important thing is to let the soil dry in between watering procedures. Depending on the collection time and the location of the plants, strawberry plants present different characteristics and collecting methods.

  • Small creeping perennials, strawberries are suitable for growing in a flower bed in the garden placed in a partially shady place: somewhere where the sun does not reach for a large number of hours eac...

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Strawberries fertilization

Strawberries fertilization As for other plants, it is always a good measure to fertilize the plants, most of all because strawberries like soft and fresh molds, full with organic substances. What has to be considered is to use the fertilizer once the plant is already mature, avoiding the burning of the young plant. The soil can even be a little acid, and in relation with a right water provision, will make your strawberry plant grow healthy and strong. Depending also on the variety of the plant, you will need different elements solutions to fertilize your strawberry crop; just ask for help to experts.

Care and maintenance

Care and maintenance Usually strawberries are not so vulnerable for particular diseases but, leaves, most of all, could contract rust or powdery mildew. The fruits can attract bugs and animals because of their sweet taste, which means that snails and some kinds of birds could be potential enemies, biting and feeding themselves with strawberries. A perfect solution to prevent these attacks, instead of using chemical solutions or pesticides, is to cover the whole strawberry plants row, with a net or some other protections.